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“Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Cookies–Grab the Milk!”

Crispy, chocolate, peanuts, and rich Peanut Butter what could be better?

Crispy, chocolate, peanuts, and rich Peanut Butter– what could be better?

Have you ever had your mouth water for something like these? I remember sitting in class in junior high school and the smell of the peanut butter cookies would waft through the halls in the breezeway—saying, “peanut butter cookie day!” I couldn’t wait to stand in the long line, rush through it to get to the end and receive one large peanut butter cookie–I’d be sure to grab one carton of milk! My mouth would become watery at the familiar, anticipated taste of the rich cookie! My version of this cookie reminds me of those days–I’ve added real peanuts (only the best)  and rich chocolate (60% cacao –semi-sweet) ….order a dozen today!

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